Fantastic. The body cream has a beautiful, sweet scent. I can already see myself somewhere in the south of Europe drinking a virgin mojito with a good amount of ice in a tall glass with a straw, a swimsuit with a lemon print, a straw hat, wet hair underneath, and no problems. Had I not visited a place by the salty sea and warm sand until now, this product would have started an entire galaxy of wishes in me. Especially the sunny and seaside ones.

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The scent of Nuxe reve de miel is real. It really smells like a three-liter glass full of honey. Like the one that we had at home in the pantry once upon a time. When I was little, I remember it was a very heavy glass and it was necessary to handle it carefully. At that time, honey was gifted as a reward, or for help, for mowing the garden, for the journey to the city, or just like that, and it was straight from the real bees and the beekeeper. And there was no honey from shops with a price tag and a label. It was real, unadulterated honey. It was used to sweeten tea. A drop of lemon was added, and whoever wanted and was of legal drinking age added a drop of rum, pouring on bread and butter, slowly running from the bread to fingers and clinging to everything around. Honey was served together with Christmas wafers and slowly, over time, in the jar, it crystallized. We melted it in hot water and returned it to the form of liquid gold.

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I enjoy the fact that the serum is not greasy or heavy, but rather refreshing. Not only its gel consistency, but also its scent, is revitalizing. It is light on the skin and smells like fresh citrus. When applied the gel caviar changes immediately to a fine liquid consistency. Under the touch and warmth of the fingers, the caviar balls dissolve in an instant.

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Beauty world is sometimes chaotic net of products, campaigns with beautiful faces and lot of information. This strategic combination leads us to confusion. I am not the one who will make it clearer or guide you through this jungle. I am lost too. But i know somehow what works for me and maybe it will work great for you too.