The postman rings and whispers and looks around to make sure no one else is listening and says that today is the big D-Day when special packages are delivered especially for special people who deserve what’s in it and those packages smell very special, after roses and they are tied with a special transparent bow that only he and I can see and they say those packages have a special charm. That they will change my morning, my day and, if I want, my life.

To make the morning charging and preparation for the whole day perfect, Roger&Gallet also has perfumed waters in its fragrant collection. Rose is the most beautiful and freshest for me. It is not aggressive at all, but on the contrary very refreshing and pleasing to the senses. It smells of Damask rose and Italian mandarins and musk. I am very happy that it comes in 100 ml packaging, because I will enjoy it to the last drop.