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Imagine the following situation, you go beautifully dressed to a date, you sit in a romantic restaurant with dimmed light, when suddenly… I have to tell you something. I met someone else. And the eyeshadows are gone. What a tragedy. A waterfall of tears. The eyeshadow is everywhere. On your cheeks, dress, and even that starched white tablecloth in that awfully romantic restaurant. Therefore, I recommend Phyto Eye Twist for every occasion. Waterproof eyeshadows are simply a certainty.

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and she placed a white satin bag of lavender in the hallway,
so it will be the first thing her guests smelled at the first step in her rented apartment. If her home is to scent nice, if it is to scent pleasant, if it is to welcome people, then let Madamoiselle Lavender welcome the guests, she thought, waiting for the first knock.
She waited until evening, day and night, countless days and nights, until her soul was


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I wouldn\’t believe Leo\’s nose between his eyes. Because Leo was a good one when it came to math, and he could draw a Vitruvian man perfectly. He drew a perfection that doesn\’t even exist, but is geometrically functional. And from there it\’s not that far to some Mona Lisa smile.

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I enjoy the fact that the serum is not greasy or heavy, but rather refreshing. Not only its gel consistency, but also its scent, is revitalizing. It is light on the skin and smells like fresh citrus. When applied the gel caviar changes immediately to a fine liquid consistency. Under the touch and warmth of the fingers, the caviar balls dissolve in an instant.

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She took a deep breath, as if it were the last time. And forever. As if she wanted to remember it. That moment, all that belongs to the moment and the moment itself. That place. That address. That house. And if there were tears of happiness, they still flood today. If there were flowers, they still scents in her office. And while some have withered and the leaves have fallen from the flowers on the table, it doesn’t matter. They’re just waiting for them to be tidy. If she wanted to… If there was a clock, it ticked quietly on her pale hand and only showed her insignificant time. If there was a dress, it swinged as she walked. If there were shoes, they said come and she went. Through the street, the forest, the meadow, the landscape, the morning, the day, the evening and the night, along the Milky Way, on the planet X178459 and they led it even further. If there was a scent, it would be scented like a road. It was a long journey and lasted up to one endless breath.

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The design is not expression of luxury, but simplicity in a wild world we live in. Here and now. The black-and-white cover might go unnoticed, but the zebra gives it the right attention. You will not just look at this blush like at any other or be afraid to open it and not want to use it. Because it is too pretty and too extravagant. It\’s not a gooey lure for the eyes, although the ribbed print makes this blush a bit extra in its own way. 

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I saw a woman. She had grey, thinner hair, tangled in a weak braid, tied with an elastic band, the kind you would find in your sweatpants. Maybe. With the only comb she had, she made a kind of knot and fastened the hair on her head. Every day. It wasn’t a majestic mane, she didn’t spin her hair into curls, she didn’t dye her hair. Never.