Hi Dear,

Welcome on my blog.

My name is Ema,

I was raised in a very tiny village, very close to my huge family, with chicken, cows, surrounded by potato fields and wheat, a lot of trees and a wild river – like me. When I turned 18 I decided for a big city life in Prague in Czech Republic. I was courageous enough to turn this plan to reality. It was unforgettable decade of my life. Afterwords a man fell in love with me, who made me move to Switzerland even though I was endlessly in love with Paris. In 2019 I found a peace in a sweet and quiet village, but some call it City that never sleeps – Muri. Now i call some other place home. Like many times before. Hoping, that this time… All the moving and traveling in my life made me who I am now and who I am not.

I am a clerical assistant and a part time blogger and author of this blog since 2012. Unbelievable. It is hard to say which one of these duties I like more and if I am more an accountant or a writer. Both things satisfy me to the maximum. Honestly, I need one normal job, to keep my blog going. Because I work on barter basis. Anyway, I can not imagine my life without work, peace, love, pen and fashion. 

Words have power. Blogging has power. It is dangerous these days. I do not want to be a manipulator. Anymore. As I used to be. With a pen, with a weapon. I want to make you laugh, cry, make a move. I want to make you think after reading my articles. I publish what I want, how I want and I think about you while writing. 

To going through one article takes usually 2 minutes, but it takes endless amount of hours to prepare one. I appreciate your time. Really. Your views and comments make me happy and give me a feeling of satisfaction. I hope to you too.

I wish you an undisturbed reading and joy.

Your Ema