Dance Joy Freedom Laugh Excitement Love

Recently one of my ex-classmates posted on Facebook… I don\’t want to make it seem bad, but it was an ultimately embarrassing meme that it\’s better to be at home with a family than to go somewhere to have a fun. Maybe he was thinking of himself, and maybe he felt sorry for himself. Nothing against the family. But… what\’s wrong with those other things that life besides family offers you?

And it kicked me to write this post.

No, I won\’t listen and watch Madonna\’s videos, how I could do. After all, she is so old and ugly… how bad she looks at her age and is not in shape at all. Or look at Jlo or Beyonce: They dance and sing like Gods. After all, dancing is a sin.

Dancing is a joy. Dancing is freedom. Laugh. Excitement. Love. The dance is borderless and I don\’t recognize the sentence „I can\’t dance“.
Everyone knows how to dance and everyone likes to dance. Most of us, if not all, are dancing alone behind the door of our apartment and it makes us extremely happy. Or is it just me? Which every day… every day dance at home and sing and here and there an empty bottle of wine falls into the bin.

Dancing is good. Dancing is a friend.

And you know what? It\’s Saturday night and time to dance! The real dancing. So I put on my prettiest clothes, just to feel great and confident, I put makeup on and I open the door of my apartment… and I will go out to dance. To a real club which is not just an imaginary club. At that club there will be great sounds and people, especially those who have a loving family at home and a good DJ Nora en Pure, and I will think that she is playing just for me and when I close my eyes it will feel exactly like that.

And I will dance like I never danced before.